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investment program

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10-part immersive investment program running from September to June

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Pitch stocks with your fellow participants

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Learn from best-in-class trading and investing professionals

our story

Anne Bakx and Noa Leijdesdorff met in while interviewing in the competitive investment banking world of the City of London. They saw that there is a clear need for the development of female talent. Both from female participants, who look for a place where ambitious young women can truly participate and grow, and from corporates, who are increasingly on the hunt for female talent. In 2019 they founded Dutchess Capital.


“With Dutchess Capital we aim to create a nurturing home for female talent. We launched Dutchess Capital as an immersive investment program, where participants develop top quality finance and investment decision making skills and learn how to express their view on the financial markets.”

various sectors

Ranging from consumer staples to technology - we cover all

committed to inclusivity

We exclusively pitch companies which have at least one diverse board member

structured approach

We use target prices and stop-losses that align with our view while protecting ourselves against adverse scenarios

stock pitching pillars


To promote socio-economic inclusivity in investing, we offer investment grants to participants of our investment program.

Applications for the Class open up in May. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up to date!

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