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Our story

Anne Bakx (24, MSc Quantitative Finance – Erasmus University) and Noa Leijdesdorff (25, MSc Biomedical Engineering – TU Delft) met in London while interviewing at the same investment bank. They saw that there is a clear need for the development of female talent. Both from female participants, who look for a place where ambitious young women can truly participate and grow, and from corporates, who are increasingly on the hunt for female talent.

With Dutchess Capital, we aim to create an immersive investment program for the development of female talent. The participants develop top quality finance and investment decision making skills and learn how to express their view on the financial markets.

Our investment grant

We are dedicated to promote socio-economic diversity in investing. To enforce this, we offer Investment Grants to our participants.

“The Investment Grant gave me the opportunity to do investments myself. Because of my interest and, in my opinion, the great potential of Robotics and AI, I decided to use part of the Grant as a long-term investment in the iShares ETF for Automation and Robotics. I am thrilled to have this opportunity.” – Fleur (26), MSc Biomedical Engineering

Class of 2020/2021

Every year, 25 highly skilled and ambitious young women participate in our investment program. As a participant, you are investing in the fund and pitching trade ideas.  

The participants have a wide range of study backgrounds including finance, econometrics, law and various STEM disciplines including engineering, mathematics, medicine and artificial intelligence.

79% of our participants are master students
15% are in their bachelors
6% are young professionals or pursuing a PhD

Our Portfolio

We carefully select our investments, which cover a broad range of industries (e.g. Information Technology/ MedTech/ Energy Renewables) and product groups (stocks/ ETFs). We are committed to deliver strong returns to our young female investment community. While doing this, we centralize the need for responsible investing.

*ETFs are region specific rather than sector specific. We have included these here to present a complete overview of our portfolio

Invested in an inclusive environment

In June 2021, we launched a new commitment to exclusively invest in companies which have at least one diverse board member. As ESG and diversity are trending topics, we want to use a concrete measure to distinguish companies who are talking the talk from walking the walk. Markets are global and diverse, in order to understand them and make excellent decisions, boards need to be too.


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Apply NOW for the class of 2021-2022

The Class of 2021-2022 is selected on a rolling basis. This means that there is no application deadline – we close the applications once the Class is full.

Do you have a questions about the Dutchess Capital investment program or the application process? Find a dedicated Q&A on our Instagram (@dutchesscapital) or send us a message!

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